The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) R2 Isabela’s Consumer Protection Division (CPD) took proactive steps to enhance awareness among local businesses regarding the implementation of various trade laws aimed at promoting ethical business practices on April 12, 2024, in San Guillermo, Isabela.

The CPD team, along with JBC Emy Jhon L. Villanueva, engaged with 24 business owners and representatives at the San Guillermo Conference Hall. The focal point of the engagement was a comprehensive Business Education and Information Forum designed to empower participants with knowledge about relevant legislative frameworks and consumer rights.

The event commenced with a lecture delivered by CPD Technical Assistant Ms. Krystel S. Bassig, highlighting the pivotal features of Republic Act No. 7394, commonly known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines. The emphasis was placed on elucidating the rights and responsibilities accorded to consumers under this legislation, aiming to foster a deeper understanding among businesses of their obligations towards consumers and the consumers themselves.

Following this insightful session, TIDS Mark Jayson S. Andes expounded upon the significance of compliance with fair trade laws. Through a comprehensive discussion, attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of adhering to these regulations, which are instrumental in enhancing business operations while maintaining ethical standards.

During the open forum, attendees were given a platform to raise questions and express concerns. This interactive session facilitated a robust exchange of ideas and enabled participants to gain practical insights tailored to their business settings. 

The activity underscored DTI R2 Isabela’s commitment to promoting consumer protection and fostering a culture of ethical business conduct within Isabela. By equipping local businesses with knowledge and resources, DTI aims to cultivate a marketplace that upholds fairness, transparency, and integrity, bolstering consumer confidence and stimulating sustainable economic growth.

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Date of release: 15 April 2024