“Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit” — Cesar Gutierrez, owner of RJLA Garments Manufacturing

in photo: RJLA Garments Manufacturing Staff

RJLA Garments Manufacturing owned by Mr. Cesar Gutierrez is a manufacturer of a wearing apparel located in Barangay I (Poblacion), Alaminos, Laguna. Ever since Gutierrez was a child, he was really into garments. It was their family business for almost a decade. In early 2018, he started to register his business due to massive orders from different city/municipalities and provinces. He became a supplier of all clothing lines in Laguna and its nearby areas. Back then, 2018 was a great bloom for his business as he became a supplier of doormats for well-known department store in the Philippines, named Mr. DIY.

Out of the products he offers, his Bangkok dresses, blouses, t-shirts, jerseys, leggings, terno shorts and pajamas for kids (either boy or girl), and pranela-styled pajamas were among his remarkable products really loved by his customers. He also had household products like pot holder and doormats.

RJLA Garments Manufacturing product - doormat

In 2020, Gutierrez and his team started to face difficulties in business due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were forced to stop their business operation. The threat of the pandemic was not easy for them to handle. Their customers, revenue as well as investment decreased. Everything was back to zero.

Despite these challenges, Gutierrez never stopped thinking of a way on how to survive. He then visited Negosyo Center Alaminos and inquired for assistance. Luckily, the Department of Trade and Industry – Laguna Provincial Office thru its financial arm Small Business Corporation provides loan assistance to supplement the financial needs of small businesses. In addition to this, Gutierrez learned that Negosyo Center Alaminos also provides consultancy services for business online transaction and/or e-commerce. Gutierrez availed these opportunities and managed to find a way on how his business will return.

RJLA Garments Manufacturing Staff while working.

From having a low chance of getting back into business to having a lot of hope in bouncing back, Gutierrez prayed and wished to be approved and granted this loan assistance and he did, with over a thousand of people waiting to be granted and prioritized. At present, Gutierrez maximizes the networks he has established and strengthens the social media presence of RJLA Garments Manufacturing.

“Business is business. There is a chance [that] you will win and there is a chance [that] you will lose, but always remember not to give up even if you are at the lowest peak of your business. Always think of getting up, survive and start again,” Gutierrez added.♦

Date of Release: 3 August 2022