Ms. Melanie Medrano featuring her Gramworth Enterprises Inc.'s product called “PhOligo”

In 2016, Ms. Melanie Medrano established Gramworth Enterprises Inc. She and her family registered their business with no particular product in mind, just a bit of money they received from GSIS after their father orphaned them. They want those funds to be a seed that will be the legacy of their small family.

“We do not want to be occasional family members checking on each other every once in a while, during family gatherings/ special occasions. We want to have something that will bind our family together. And I want us to be healthy and not die early!” she added.

As a mother of two, she is fully aware of the challenges she faces every time her kids eat. As a result, she initiated producing Gramworth’s product called “PhOligo”! 

According to her, this is an all-purpose prebiotic powder that can be combined regularly with one’s diet to support holistic health improvement from within.

Ms. Melanie Medrano featuring her Gramworth Enterprises Inc.'s product called “PhOligo”

The small amount of capitalization did not deter Ms. Medrano from reaching her goal of success. For two years, before joining DTI’s flagship program known as the Kapatid Mentor Micro-Enterprise (KMME), she persistently sells her products physically and virtually to earn revenue. And yes! She did just enough to earn back what she shelled out. With her optimism and strong belief in the PhOligo, she attended the online orientation of KMME organized by DTI Rizal and gave her best shot to qualify. Fast forward, she successfully passed the program with flying colors. She not only graduated from the program but was also recognized as the topmost Business Improvement Plan presenter for the Rizal province.

From all the insights Ms. Medrano learned from the program, she gradually achieved the right path for Gramworth in the business industry. From only working with her husband to gaining additional employees. From relying on only one product to expanding product lines. Aside from these learnings, the program also assisted her in endorsement to advance seminars/programs like One Town One Product Next Generation (OTOP NG) with her additional product – cacao powdered drink.

Furthermore, she added that “OTOP helped us to strengthen our branding. It assisted us to professionalize our packaging and labeling through an expert designer Mr. Rommel Viloria. It prepared us to file for FDA-LTO which is essential to legitimize our product and reach wider markets.”

Indeed, the KMME and OTOP programs opened up a lot of opportunities for Gramworth in terms of access to finance and market access. In February 2022, the Small Business Corporation approved her loan application worth P100,000 under the Bayanihan CARES 3. Moreover, as a mentee-graduate, DTI Rizal has always included her to trade fairs participation invitations, where she successfully participated in OTOP NG Rizal 2022 Trade Fair and SARAP Food and Gifts Festival. In addition, she was one of the fortunate recipients of ProPinoy DZME 1530 interviewees with Butch Pichay and Ana Puod.

Now, she is pursuing the certificate of FDA-LTO to intensify the value of a healthy legacy of the family – PhOligo and Cacaomistry. ♦

Date of Release: 22 December 2022