The Department of Trade and Industry Region 2 is set to bring the region’s ingenuity and its boundless land and sea resources and buzz in with an upgraded version for its 18th edition of the Padday na Lima Regional Trade Fair to be held in September 2024.

This year’s theme, “Unveiling the richness of Cagayan Valley’s lands and seas: A fusion of beauty and bounty,” is a one-of-a-kind edition of this annual fair, which is set to immerse consumers and buyers in exploring the vibrancy of the region’s lands and seas and the enhanced and certified products of local MSMEs primed for the local and global stage.

Exhilarating and interactive exhibits await as the expanded trade show components highlight various special settings, provincial pavilions for tourism, investment, and trade, fresh produce, rice and corn-based products, aqua products, processed goods in consumer and institutional forms, a Buyers Program to link MSMEs with big institutional buyers, and special events such as fashion show, food tasting, and craft demonstrations.

Preparing ahead of time, SMEDD OIC-Chief Atty. Michael Paggabao, the project director of the trade show, reminded the Regional Trade Fair (RTF) Technical Working Group to put focus and attention on the strategic direction of Regional Director Leah Pulido Ocampo and to iron out plans and targets as early as now for the smooth flow of the fair.

Meanwhile, the RTF team, composed of officers from regional and provincial offices, kickstarts the preparatory activities through a series of comprehensive product development and training for MSME exhibitors.

Stay tuned for more updates as preparations get underway! ###

Date of release: 29 January 2024