Negosyo Center–Sariaya Business Counselors, together with teachers and students from Paiisa National High School.

SARIAYA, QUEZON — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through Negosyo Center–Sariaya Business Counselor Shayne B. Nocus, was invited to be a Resource Speaker and Panelist at the Annual Business Enterprise Forum of Paiisa National High School. The forum was organized for Grade 12 Senior High School students in the General Academic Strand, as part of their Business Enterprise Simulation and Culminating Activity with the theme “Developing 21st Century Learner’s Entrepreneurial Skills: A Breakthrough for Future Economic Progress.” The event took place on June 29, 2023, at Paiisa National High School (PNHS), Brgy. Paiisa, Tiaong, Quezon.

During the forum, Ms. Nocus shared her expertise on the fundamental knowledge and skills required to start a business. She discussed various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business planning, business name registration, and marketing strategies. She also shed light on DTI’s array of programs and services designed to support young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Following the informative session, Ms. Nocus, together with PNHS OIC-Principal Ms. Lea Lopez, Senior High School Coordinator Mr. Joseph Orias, Culminating Activity Teacher Ms. Rissha Lin Orias, and Negosyo Center–Tiaong Business Counselor Zara H. Capina, visited the food exhibit organized by seventeen (17) groups of young entrepreneur students. These students showcased their innovative and creative products, which they had personally developed. They also discussed the marketing strategies they employed to promote their products.

The exhibited products included a variety of unique offerings such as Cucumber Pearls, Squash palitaw (Squalitaw), Lagundi Lollipops, Banana Blossom Butcheron, Chico Ice-Cream, Squash Leaf Crackers, Miracle Fruit (Calabash) Turkish Delight, Blue Ternate Shake, Eggplant Chips, String beans isaw, Banana Blossom Pasta, Sweet Potato Mochi, Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Polvoron, Starfruit Candy, and Indian Mango Tart. Notably, these products were not only innovative and creative but also offered health benefits.

In her role as a panelist, Ms. Nocus assessed the students’ presentation skills, evaluated the feasibility and viability of their products, and provided constructive feedback. She acknowledged their efforts and praised their bright ideas, while also offering support and guidance to further enhance their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Date of Release: 29 July 2023