Screen capture of attendees of the webinar.

ANTIPOLO, RIZAL – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Rizal conducted the second session of the “Series of Training Related to Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs. (STRIPE)”, the webinar on “Registering Your Brand, Trademark Maintenance, and Registrability of Trademark”, was held on June 12, 2023.

The webinar was organized by DTI-Rizal and hosted by Antipolo Negosyo Center Business Counselor Daryl Andres. The webinar series aims to equip entrepreneurs in Rizal with valuable knowledge and insights on intellectual property, helping them protect their innovations, brands, and ideas in today’s competitive market.

The event featured an engaging and informative presentation by Mr. Joel Caalaman, IP Field Operations Specialist of IPSO CALABARZON (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines – CALABARZON). Mr. Caalaman shared his expertise and provided practical guidance on the process of registering a brand, maintaining trademarks, and understanding the registrability of trademarks.

DTI-Rizal BDD Chief Sharon Dioco delivered the opening remarks, expressing her enthusiasm for the webinar series and the importance of intellectual property protection for entrepreneurs. She emphasized the role of DTI-Rizal in supporting the business community and fostering innovation within the province.

The webinar was conducted virtually using the Zoom app and simultaneously broadcasted on Facebook Live, allowing a wide audience to participate and gain valuable insights from the comfort of their homes or offices. This digital platform facilitated seamless interaction between the speakers and attendees, enabling fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing.

The event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of DTI-Rizal, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO Phil), and the MSMED Council. These partnerships demonstrate the commitment of these organizations to empower local entrepreneurs and promote the significance of intellectual property rights.

The “STRIPE” webinar series has been widely acclaimed by participants for its relevance and practicality, equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their intellectual assets effectively. DTI-Rizal remains dedicated to providing continuous support and valuable resources to the local business community, fostering growth, and facilitating sustainable economic development.

Date of Release: 23 June 2023