The Department of Trade and Industry continues its online mentorship program that has successfully resulted to 57 fresh mentee-graduates in June 16, 2023 who belong to the sectors of processed food, catering services, training services, trading and agriculture.

The Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME) Online is developed as the practical delivery mechanism for the same mentorship modules to propel micro and small entrepreneurs to survive and thrive in spite of the unprecedented setbacks that now confront businesses of all types and sizes.

The KMME has been implemented since 2016 as a 10-module mentorship program that optimizes weekly face-to-face interactions between the mentors and the mentees with the key goal of boosting the entrepreneurial capacity of the mentees through improved access to Mentorship, Money & Market (i.e., the 3Ms).

Despite the unstable internet connection, remote attendance, and other challenges faced by the mentees, they were determined to finish the said mentorship program.

The mentees underwent sessions on entrepreneurial mindset, product development, market growth and expansion, creation of business model canvass, operations management, human resource, taxation, and business law among others.

At the end of all these, the mentees presented their business investment plan as a pre-requisite to their graduation.

During the graduation, every mentee was given a certificate of recognition for having completed the mentorship course. Two of the graduates expressed their gratitude to DTI and PCE for the opportunity they were given in improving and sustaining their businesses. *

Date of release: 27 June 2023