DTI-PAB Team, led by CIG Asst. Sec. Leonila Baluyut (front row center, fifth from left), alongside PAB Dir. James E. Empeño, Asst. Dir. Ernani Dioniso, and APAC peer-evaluators Ms. Ho Minh Trang, and Ms. Manisha Wickramasinghe. With them (front row center to right) are Ms. Cynthia Chen , Dr. John Ho, Ms. Fariza Wan Abdullah, Mr. Dimitrios Katsieris, and Mr. Randy Long.

The Department of Trade and Industry – Philippine Accreditation Bureau (DTI-PAB) has undergone a rigorous peer evaluation process conducted by the Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) from January 29 to February 02, 2024. The evaluation was a crucial step in maintaining the Bureau’s signatory status to the APAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA).

The evaluation covered various aspects, including technical competence, impartiality, and effectiveness of DTI-PAB’s accreditation processes. A team of expert evaluators from APAC thoroughly examined the bureau’s operations, competence, and capability to ensure compliance with international criteria and best practices. DTI-PAB’s participation in this process underscores its commitment to maintaining high-quality accreditation services in the region.

DTI-PAB, as a signatory to the APAC MRA, plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade by providing assurance that accredited conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in the Philippines meet the required standards. Thus, maintaining signatory status to the APAC MRA not only strengthens the credibility of accredited CABs in the Philippines but also contributes to the harmonization of standards in the region. The arrangement allows for the mutual recognition of conformity assessment results, fostering greater acceptance of products and services across APAC member economies.

The successful completion of the peer evaluation reflects DTI-PAB’s continuous dedication to upholding international accreditation standards and promoting the competitiveness of Philippine products and services on the global market.

DTI-PAB Team poses for a photo opportunity with APAC peer evaluators at the closing meeting.

The final results of the peer evaluation will be announced during the APAC annual meeting scheduled in June 2024. This meeting serves as a platform for APAC members to discuss developments, share experiences, and enhance cooperation in the field of accreditation.

The DTI-PAB team and its stakeholders are optimistic in the outcome of the evaluation and look forward to a more strengthened position as a reliable accreditation body in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Release Date: 06 February 2024.