BATANES — DTI R2 Batanes successfully conducted the Creative Palooza, a vibrant celebration of Ivatan creativity and a testament to the province’s commitment to sustainable development, held on 22 March 2024, at Residencia du Basco. The Creative Palooza, spearheaded by the DTI R2 Batanes, aims to profile the creative industry in Batanes and recognize the indigenous creatives who contribute to its vibrancy. Encompassing various sectors such as visual and digital arts, traditional crafts, wearables & homestyle, and performing arts, the event highlights the diverse talents within the province.

The event is a culmination of efforts of DTI R2 Batanes, in coordination with the Ivatan Creative Groups namely: Batanes Indigenous Artists Association (BIAA); Batanes Creative Industry Association (BCIA); Batanes Wearables and Homestyle Industry Association (BWHIA); and Batanes National Science High School (BNSHS) Performing Arts, to support the growing creative industry in the province. Batanes with its breathtaking natural beauty and the resilience of its indigenous people, the province boasts significant potential for the development of its creative sector. The traditional artistry and rich cultural heritage of the Ivatans provide a unique foundation for growth, with an economy empowered by creative endeavors.

Provincial Director Ellerie Mila G. Ramel, represented by Business Development Unit (BDU) Head Liz Minerva F. Raterta, in her opening remarks, said, “We are thrilled to showcase the creativity of the Ivatans and provide a platform for local creatives to shine,” says Provincial Director Ellerie Mila G. Ramel in her opening message. “Creative Palooza not only celebrates Ivatan artistry but also catalyzes economic growth and cultural preservation.”

During the discussion proper, the Senior Tourism Operations Officer (STOO) and Activing Provincial Tourism Officer of the Provincial Government of Batanes (PGB) Ms. Hegel R. Valones emphasized the significant role of Ivatan artists and artisans in driving economic development through the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. She highlighted how these individuals serve as both custodians of tradition and agents of innovation, infusing contemporary creativity into traditional practices. Meanwhile, Ms. Lizette Joan Daluz, an independent comic artist, offered insights into her creative journey, focusing on drawing, printing, and networking. She emphasized the significance of taking the first step, trusting one’s abilities, and actively engaging with and supporting the creative community to foster personal and professional growth within the industry.

A total of 57 participants and stakeholders from the creative industry witnessed group presentations from the BCIA and BWHIA on their contributions to sustainable development of the province as well as their vision for the future of the creative industry, demonstrations, and an open mic section, providing opportunities for local creatives to speak or perform. With initiatives like Creative Palooza, DTI R2 Batanes is committed to promoting and preserving the cultural identity of the Ivatans while fostering sustainable development in the province.

The development of a robust creative industry in Batanes is integral to preserving indigenous culture, driving economic growth, and enhancing sustainable tourism. Through Creative Palooza and similar initiatives, DTI R2 Batanes is dedicated to empowering local creatives and ensuring that their development aligns with Ivatan principles of sustainability and cultural preservation.

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Date of release: 03 April 2024