In pursuit of broadening economic horizons and fostering international trade, the DTI R2 Isabela Provincial Office conducted a transformative Export Orientation for export-ready Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on 24 July 2023, hosted at ISU Cauayan Hostel. The event was meticulously designed to equip businesses with valuable insights and strategies, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to venture confidently into the global market.

The event commenced with Mr. Elmer A. Agorto, OIC-Provincial Director, delivering an inspiring opening address. He eloquently emphasized the profound significance of embracing this orientation, not merely as an opportunity for individual businesses, but as a catalyst for driving economic growth, generating new job opportunities, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the participating enterprises.

Next, the stage belonged to Ms. Maria Corazon Mamuri, a Senior Trade Development Specialist. She gracefully shed light on the far-reaching benefits that exporting can bring to the entire community. These advantages encompassed increased revenue streams, exposure to uncharted markets, and the invaluable exchange of ideas and innovation, thereby fostering economic progress on multiple fronts.

Subsequently, Ms. Annielane P. Moreno, of Morexport-Food Philippines, Inc., expertly led a comprehensive discussion on the intricacies of exportation. With profound expertise, she delved into crucial topics such as identifying target markets, navigating intricate trade barriers, and forging strong international partnerships. Notably, Ms. Moreno underscored the indispensable need for adaptability, urging businesses to tailor their products and services to align with the distinct needs and preferences of foreign customers.

Drawing inspiration from real-world success stories, Ms. Moreno spotlighted local enterprises that had already harnessed the potential of exporting. These inspiring tales showcased how these businesses expanded their customer base, bolstered profitability, and gained a competitive edge by venturing into the global markets. The presentation effectively ignited a spark of aspiration among attendees, igniting the ambition to realize similar rewards for their ventures.

During the highly interactive open forum, attendees were afforded the invaluable opportunity to pose questions, share their personal experiences, and express concerns. In response, Ms. Moreno provided an abundance of practical insights and expert advice, addressing potential challenges and illuminating the multitude of opportunities awaiting businesses seeking to make their mark on the global stage. Her guidance facilitated a deeper understanding of the exportation process, unveiling the potential risks and rewards that come with exploring international markets.

The closing remarks were passionately delivered by Mr. Jose B. Morante, the owner of JBM Food Products. Overflowing with gratitude, he extended heartfelt appreciation to the DTI for their unwavering support in organizing the event. Equally deserving of acknowledgment were the MSMEs who actively participated and demonstrated their commitment to charting new pathways for growth. Mr. Morante eloquently stressed the importance of continued collaboration and knowledge-sharing among local businesses to collectively fortify the region’s export capabilities and pave the way for shared prosperity.

Guided by the DTI’s unwavering commitment and expertise, MSMEs emerged from the orientation with fortified readiness to embrace exporting as an indispensable driver of economic expansion, a catalyst for job creation, and a powerful tool to enhance their competitive prowess on the international stage. With newfound confidence and determination, these enterprising businesses are poised to embark on a transformative journey that will not only elevate their prospects but also contribute to the overall economic growth and development of their community and beyond.

Date of release: 27 July 2023