The flavorful culinary adventure begins for the province of Nueva Vizcaya as the DTI R2 Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Office in collaboration with the Green Oasis of Dupax had a meeting with the owners of Humming Farm located in Bagabag on 09 May 2024, to discuss the possible development and/or creation of a gourmet dish out of pineapple, which is abundant in the said town.

This activity is part of the ‘One Town, One Gourmet’ initiative of the DTI R2 NV and Green Oasis of Dupax which aims to serve as a platform for showcasing the best of Nueva Viczaya’s agricultural bounty by inviting visitors to embark on immersive farm tours and gastronomic adventures.

By highlighting the stories behind the food and people who cultivate it, both organizations aim to create meaningful connections between travelers and the local community.

DTI R2 NV’s partner in this initiative, the Green Oasis of Dupax, is a budding venture in the food industry located at Mangayang, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya, which offers healthy, delicious, and gourmet dishes and takes great pride in its unique and premier farm-to-table dining experience.

“We should innovate something new that will make them say ‘Wow!’ By providing exceptional cuisine, our goal is to create an unforgettable dining experience,” Mr. John Danao from the Green Oasis of Dupax said as he discussed how this initiative can not only enhances the tourism landscape but also empowers local farmers.

“We are happy that we have somebody who supports and encourages businesses to grow because we, as owners, cannot do it on our own, and our business will thrive more with the support of the government,” Ms. Isabel of Humming Farm said as she expressed her gratitude for involving them in this worthwhile activity.

DTI R2 NV’s BDD Chief Lenore Lee S. Lopez commited to providing support for product innovation. By fostering innovation, the agency aims to bolster the province’s economic growth and promote the development of sustainable businesses.

As agreed by all the parties involved, the first gourmet dish/product to be prepared is pineapple icecream.

Also with BDD Chief Lopez was JBC Precious Mae Marzan.

Stay tuned for more updates as the adventure of showcasing the province’s vibrant farm-to-table offerings and scenic beauty continues. ♦

Date of release: 11 May 2024