In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in consumer affairs, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 2- Quirino Provincial Office, in partnership with, the Department of information and Communications Technology (DICT) – Quirino, conducted a forum held on 25 March 2024 at Saint Mary’s Academy (SMA) – Andres Bonifacio, Diffun, Quirino.

Under the theme “Fair and Responsible AI for consumers,” over 200 participants from the junior and senior high school department of SMA engaged in the discussions on the implications of AI on consumer rights and responsibilities.

In her message, Provincial Director Mary Ann C. Dy, represented by STIDS Shiela A. Nera, emphasized, “As AI becomes increasingly integrated in our daily lives, it is important to know, that we, as consumers are protected from potential discrimination, unfair trade practices, and privacy infringements.”

The forum highlighted algorithmic transparency, data privacy, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI-driven decision-making processes. Mr. Karl John Nolasco, resource speaker, also reiterated the role of education in empowering students to make informed choices, promoting digital literacy, and raising awareness about AI.

This collective effort to champion fair and responsible AI practices, ensuring that consumers remain protected and ensured shall continue as a part of the regular advocacy of DTI, DISADECO as the Consumer Organization and DICT.

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Date of release: 02 April 2024