DUMAGUETE CITY, NEGROS ORIENTAL – The Consumer Night Run, held in celebration of World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), witnessed an overwhelming turnout with over 200 runners, enthusiasts, and consumer advocates participating in the event.

Organized by Negros Oriental Association of Service and Repair Shops Inc. (NOASARSI), the fun run supported by the DTI Negros Oriental aimed to raise awareness about this year’s WCRD theme on ‘Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers’ as well as consumer rights and responsibilities while promoting community engagement and empowerment.

The event, held on Friday, 15 March 2024 at Macias Sports Complex, Dumaguete City, featured a diverse range of participants from all walks of life, united in their commitment to championing consumer rights and advocacy. Runners of varying ages and fitness levels came together under the night sky to show their support and enthusiasm for the cause.

DTI Negros Oriental Provincial Director Nimfa Virtucio graced the occasion as the keynote speaker, delivering an inspiring address on the importance of consumer empowerment and the role of advocacy in creating positive change. She also highlighted the significance of informed decision-making and proactive engagement in the marketplace of consumers.

Consumer Protection Division Chief Bebelyn Borongan also extended a warm welcome to all participants, emphasizing the collective effort needed to promote consumer awareness and protection in our communities. She underscored the collaborative spirit of the event, which united stakeholders in a shared commitment to consumer advocacy.

The winners for the Consumer Night Run 10K Category for males are Jason Padayao (First Place), Erl Peomila (Second Place) and Juvane Batoces (Third Place). On the other hand, female winners awarded were Jamine Cruz (First Place), Lijeaven Noay (Second Place) and Lady Hope Flores (Third Place).

“We are thrilled to see such overwhelming support for the Consumer Night Run, which serves as a testament to the growing awareness and importance of consumer rights in our society,” said Virtucio.

“Events like these not only raise awareness but also inspire action and foster a sense of community among consumers and advocates alike,” she added.

The success of the Consumer Night Run underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting consumer awareness and empowerment. As we commemorate World Consumer Rights Day 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to advocating for consumer rights and creating a more informed and equitable marketplace for all. (PR/DTI Negros Oriental) ♦

Date of release: 22 March 2024