CEBU CITY — Local stakeholders from the creative industries, including players and ecosystem enablers, gathered for the FiestaKucha Cebu Conference on Monday, September 25.

This event followed the launch of ‘FiestaKucha’ by DTI 7, as part of the Philippine Creative Industries Month. The initiative aims to raise awareness and shed light on existing programs that support and nurture creative industries.

The conference was attended by notable figures such as DTI Regional Operations Group Asec. Maria Cristina Roque, DTI Competitiveness and Innovation Group Dir. Lilian Salonga, DTI Region 7 Central Visayas Regional Dir. Maria Elena Arbon, Cebu City Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia, UNESCO Creative City of Design focal for Cebu City Butch Carungay, and partners from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and IndustryCebu Business Months.

The conference centered on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creative sectors with topics including determining whether AI is a tool or a threat, a panel discussion on retooling versus replacement, a snapshot and casual dialogue on the creative entertainment sectors, and a discussion on the intelligent path forward.

Representatives from diverse creative sectors, including Film, Game Development, Animation, Music, Design, Influencers, and Original Content, also showcased how the integration of AI can either benefit or potentially affect their respective industries.

RD Arbon emphasized DTI’s commitment to balancing the advantages of AI with considerations of privacy, bias, and job displacement.

“Collaborations between technologists, creatives, and policymakers are necessary to ensure responsible and beneficial implementation of AI technologies,” Dir. Arbon added.

During the conference, Vice Mayor Garcia also confirmed the collaborative efforts between the local government, DTI, and CCCI – CBM to establish a dynamic creative hub in Cebu, aiming to foster innovation, support local talent, and drive economic growth in the region.

The FiestaKucha Cebu conference marked the conclusion of the PCIM celebration in Cebu — after a series of local events held from September 08 and ongoing events until October 01, 2023. 4

Date of release: 29 September 2023