The DTI-Bagwis Program gives due recognition to establishments that uphold the rights of consumers while practicing responsible business where consumers get the best value for money. The program also encourages the setting up of Consumer Welfare Desks (CWDs) or an equivalent customer relations office inside the mall that will provide information to consumers and serve as a mechanism for the speedy resolution of consumer complaints.

Who can join the program?

All retail establishments can join the program:

  • Supermarkets
  • Department Stores & Specialty Stores
  • Appliance Centers
  • Hardware Stores
  • DTI Accredited Service and Repair Shops.

Levels of award

  1. Bronze – Compliance to Fair Trade Laws + Consumer Welfare Desk (CWD) or an equivalent customer relations office inside the mall
  2. Silver – Achievement of Bronze requirements + Social Responsibility
  3. Gold – Achievement of Silver requirements + some elements aligned to ISO 9001

Criteria/Parameters used in the selection of awardees:

Factor 1: Compliance to Fair Trade Laws

Products displayed & sold should bear the following:

Compliance to Price Tag Law
• Product Standard (PS)/International Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks for mandatory products
• Warranties (as applicable)
• Product under mandatory standards sold are genuine/original
• Reasonable prices based on SRP
• Provide discounts to senior citizens (RA 9257)
• Comply with the provisions of “No Return, No Exchange Policy”
• Do not practice deceptive, misleading & unconscionable, fraudulent, misleading sales act and practice

Factor 2: Customer Relations

• Availability of a presentable CWD office with a well trained CWD Officer or equivalent customer relations office in the mall
• Resolution of consumer complaints

Factor 3: Store Management Operations

• Good employer-employee relationship
• minimum wage to employees
• Payment of SSS, Philhealth, 13th month pay, etc. to employees
• Clean and orderly workplace/shop
• proper waste disposal
• clean and well maintained comfort rooms/floorings
• Presence of accurate store and product signage/s

Factor 4: Socially Committed & Responsible Business Sector
• No pending case for violation of any trade laws from DTI and other regulatory government office i.e. DTI, DA, BIR, DOH, DA, etc.
• Issue receipts/invoice to all merchandise sold
• Have a sound purchasing policy that defines the store responsibility to their suppliers.
• Have a good working relationship with the government by participating with the national/local government program i.e. price stabilization; livelihood programs, etc.

Factor 5: ISO 9001 Compliant
• Quality management system requirements

 The DTI Bagwis National Certification Committee (NCC)

The NCC chaired by CPG Undersecretary screens gold nominees endorsed by the Regional Certification Committee.

Chairman – Undersecretary, Consumer Protection Group (CPG)

• Representative, Philippine Retailers Association (PRA)
• Representative, Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI)
• Secretary General, Phil. Association of Supermarkets (PASI)
• President, Phil. Amalgamated Association of Supermarkets (PAGASA)
• Director, Bureau of Trade Regulation & Consumer Protection (BTRCP)
• Director, Bureau of Product Standard (BPS)
• Representative, Regional Operations Group (ROG)
• Representative, National Consumer Affairs Council (NCAC)


For more information, please contact Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB) at telephone number (+632) 7791.3335 and email