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Integrated Registration and Information Systems (IRegIS) – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Negosyo Konek Reference Number?
    A Negosyo Konek Reference Number is a unique number assigned to each user that will link your businesses across to DTI portal systems.

  2. How to create Negosyo Konek Reference Number?
    • Go to
    • Click Konek Your Business
    • Select Business Type
    • Input Negosyo Details
    • Input Contact Information
    • Upon linking, a NegosyoKonek Reference number will be generated and displayed and emailed.

  3. What Is IRegIS?
    IRegIS or Integrated Registration and Information System of DTI, is created to align with the government’s Ease of Doing Business/Streamlining programs and health related precautionary measures.

  4. How to register in the IRegIS?
    Visit Link: and signup as a Negosyo Applicant.

  5. Can I apply for Sales Promo even without a Negosyo Konek Reference Number?
    No, For Sales Promo application, sponsor company and/or an advertising agency need as part of the requirements the following:
    • The applicant needs to add the Negosyo at the Negosyo Profile that he/she is doing business for.
    • To be able to add a Negosyo, a NegosyoKonek Reference Number is needed.
  6. Where can we find instructional materials for using the said portals?
    Instructional videos are available in the landing page of the IRegIS and NegosyoKonek portals

  7. Does the Negosyokonek number pertains to Corporation only?
    No. Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Cooperative, Partnership can link/konek their business to have a NegosyoKonek Reference Number.
  8. Does the registration field pertains to the company details?
    The registration field pertains to business registration details such as SEC or Business Name Registration Details. However, those information are not required to be filed up as of the moment
  9. Once registered at negosyokonek, can the details of registration be edited if necessary?
    No. For an update of registration details, please email us at

  10. Can other users (not part of the company) be able to edit our NegosyoKonek registration?
    No. For an update of registration details, please email us at

  11. Can we share the same NegosyoKonek Reference Number within other promo applicants of the same corporation?
    Yes. Negosyokonek number can be shared to other users which you allow.

  12. Can we add multiple representatives or users (promo applicants) per negosyokonek profile?
    Yes, you may add multiple users for each NegosyoKonek Profile.

  13. Does new NegosyoKonek profile or reference number is required of each unique registration applications?
    No. You only have to register/create your negosyokonek profile once.

  14. For multiple agencies/partners, how will the reference number be utilized once generated? 
    Agency partner must create their own negosyokonek number but can access or apply in behalf of the company if they are permitted to use sponsor’s negosyokonek reference number.

  15. Do we need to input all partners prior to generation or may we just generate the reference number so our promo partners may input the same when applying for a promo permit on our behalf?
    Yes it may be required.

  16. What is the extent of coverage of Sales Promo application that can apply thru IRegIS?
    The current Sales Promo application coverage that IRegIS is catering are NATIONWIDE and NCR.



For more information, please contact Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau-Sales Promotion Division at telephone number (+632) 8811.8233 and email