Know the DTI’s 7Ms Way of Uplifting
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

As part of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s administration’s goal of ensuring inclusive growth and addressing income inequality, there is a need to empower those at the bottom of the pyramid and marginalized sectors with the right mindset and know-how to be able to move up in life. We’ll “teach them how to fish” and not just give them fish, as the saying goes. We’ll need to empower them so they can also share in the benefits of the ongoing economic growth, and improve the quality of their lives by engaging in vibrant entrepreneurial activities. To achieve this goal, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) endeavors to provide enabling programs to help you rollout a business.

DTI has come up with the 7Ms to help you set up your own business and be a smarter entrepreneur to earn more! These can equip you in making a difference in the market, while contributing to the larger cause of sustaining the Filipino entrepreneurial revolution!

  • MINDSET CHANGE–We can help you embrace the right and positive entrepreneurial attitude that will carry you through your vibrant entrepreneurial journey. With DTI’s Negosyo Center seminars, the SME Roving Academy (SMERA) and the Kapatid Mentor ME program, we infuse an entrepreneurial mindset that is success- and innovation-driven, collaborative, and proactive.
  • MASTERY–At our Negosyo Centers, we teach you to master the know-how & how-tos of entrepreneurship, from what you need to set up a business, basic rules of spotting market opportunities, finding your product positioning and differentiation, product development, market development, basic business finance and plan preparation, as well as developing a system for continuous innovation.
  • MENTORING–We provide you with continuous business guidance in partnership with the private sector members like Go Negosyo, PCCI, PFA, AFFI, and FFCCCII, thanks to programs like Kapatid Mentor ME. Experience coaching and mentoring of industry experts and large corporations on different aspects of business operations for free!
  • MONEY–We give you access to funding through DTI’s P3 microfinance program—in cooperation with SB Corp.—or connect you to micro finance institutions (MFIs) to help you out with financing, whether you’re setting up a business or if you want to expand.
  • MACHINE– We equip you not only with the must-have knowledge on equipment and right tools to ensure quality production under the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) program, you can also use these to level up your production and increase productivity. With innovation, you and your fellow entrepreneurs can produce more products more efficiently.
  • MARKET ACCESS–We help you promote your products through provincial and national trade fairs, OTOP (One-Town, One Product) shows, Go Lokal! retail store concepts in major malls, and the internationally-recognized FAME exhibits. We can also link your business to big companies or to government so that you can supply them with your products on a continued basis.
  • MODELS OF NEGOSYO–We give you different business ideas to help you get into business, from traditional enterprises to direct selling and franchising. We also teach you livelihood skills like baking, soap-making, etc. At our Negosyo Centers, there’s more than one way to do business. MSMEs need to have ties with bigger guys to create synergies, which are essential in matching and innovating products and services.

Once you have your business, DTI’s Negosyo Centers can help you when you apply for your business registration and permit to make it easy for you to do business.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of the change that you want in your life and pursue your entrepreneurial dream. This is the way to move up in life and take control of your destiny. Together, let us continue the entrepreneurial revolution!

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