Starting the merriest month of the year with good news, the 16th Padday na Lima Regional Trade and Investment Fair of DTI R2 has yet again sparked a remarkable feat and ignited the Bayanihan spirit as it generated over P4 million in sales from November 25 to December 1, 2022.

This was conducted both physically at Robinsons Place Tuguegarao and virtually through its online component using the Padday na Lima Webshop powered by Deliver-E.

Towards the vision of making the region’s products stand out in the domestic and global arenas, DTI R2 introduced an upgraded version of this annual fair with expanded trade show components, tagged as the first-ever ALL-IN Edition.

The weeklong event featured investment opportunities, new product innovations, pre-processed institutionally packed products, PNS-certified products, research and development outputs, and the new and improved products of Cagayan Valley that have undergone development through the different programs of DTI and with the assistance of the country’s top designers: Mr. Stanley Ruiz, Mr. PJ Arañador, and Mr. Njord Chua.

The first-ever Special Buyers’ Invitation Program was also implemented to support the region’s positioning as a significant institutional supplier by bringing together major industry players from the NCR and other nearby areas to assist MSMEs in selling their products and identifying potential business partners.

The sales generated by the 107 MSME exhibitors and farmers from all over the valley reached a total of P4,433,042 for booked and cash sales, including proceeds from the Padday na Lima Webshop.

The sales are even expected to increase with additional sales still under negotiation in the Special Buyers’ Invitation Program or the Business-to-Business Matching component of the fair.

The institutional buyers, as well as all event partners, also expressed appreciation and lauded the agency for the leveled-up edition of the fair, which they described as impressive and one of a kind.

“Ibang-iba ang Region 2. Ang galing. Congratulations!,” said Mr. Jose San Juan, Co-founder, Farm to Mayani Inc.

JBM Food Products from the Province of Isabela and Quezon Vizcaya Furniture Industry Association from the Province of Nueva Vizcaya recorded the highest total sales in the food and non-food sectors, respectively.

“Padday Na Lima” is an Ybanag vernacular that means “made by hands” or “hand-crafted. This has been the banner of the agency for the marketing and promotions of Region 2’s products and is implemented annually to stage and provide exposure for the new and improved products of Cagayan Valley and help local MSMEs and farmers market their products and produce. #

Thank you for celebrating with us and supporting our Cagayan Valley MSMEs and farmers. Here’s to ALL-IN success and more achievements toward reinforcing the region’s image as the breath-taking and bountiful Cagayan Valley!

Date of release: 01 December 2022