DTI Quezon Business Development Division Chief Anna Marie V. Quincina and SSF Support Staff Dendro M. Pereda conducting site visit at QARES Facility

TIAONG, QUEZON — On January 17, 2023, DTI Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Quezon conducted a Site Visit in Tiaong, Quezon, led by Division Chief of Business Development Division Anna Marie V. Quincina, together with SSF Provincial Coordinator Ma. Graciela C. Ledesma and SSF Support Staff Dendro M. Pereda, to inspect the Quezon Agricultural Research and Experiment Station (QARES) Facility for the possible transfer of machines and equipment of the SSF Project for Multi-commodity Processing.

When the team arrived at the facility, it was greeted by the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of QARES, Mr. Wilmer Faylon, and former OIC, Mr. Dennis Bihis, and had a courtesy meeting with Municipal Agriculturist of Candelaria Ramon Nonato Plata and Municipal Engineer of Candelaria Engr. Reynante Plata from LGU Candelaria.The site visit aims to inspect the said facility for the possible transfer and accommodation of the machines for the SSF Project for Multi-Commodity Processing. The DTI Team then presented the list of machines that will be transferred, which was checked by Mr. Faylon and Mr. Bihis. Mr. Faylon also discussed that they are willing to accommodate the machines and equipment; however, they are not certain if they can accommodate all the machines since there is only limited space inside the facility. Also, due to the current condition of the facility, it will be up to DTI and LGU Candelaria to decide if they will continue the transfer of the machines.

After the courtesy call, the DTI team and LGU Candelaria, assisted by both Mr. Faylon and Mr. Bihis, proceeded to the actual site inspection of the facility. The DTI Team and LGU Candelaria were able to inspect the location where the machines and equipment will be placed. Upon inspection and further discussion, Engr. Plata suggested not to pursue the transfer of the machines to QARES since the risk of being damaged due to natural causes is present. He also suggested accommodating the machines in the office area of the multi-commodity processing center since it is empty and not yet occupied by any equipment. Mr. Faylon and Mr. Bihis, as well as the DTI team, supported the suggestion and thus concluded the site visit.

The DTI Team and LGU Candelaria then proceeded to Pahinga Sur, Candelaria, where the Multi-commodity Processing Center is located, to inspect the said area for machines and equipment.

The transfer of machines and equipment will commence after the scheduled training for the operation of the machines on January 23–25, 2023.

Date of Release: 9 February 2023