TUGUEGARAO CITY – To promote the sustainability of the bamboo in Cagayan Valley, the DTI R2 and Bamboo NICC Secretariat led by RD Leah Pulido Ocampo met with Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Region 2 (DHSUD R2) RD Peter Daniel Fraginal and Division Chief Architect Cheryll Moreno to discuss the possibility of using bamboo as one of the materials to be utilized in the Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino (4PH) Program spearheaded by DHSUD, 3 February 2023.

In support of one of the mandates of DHSUD under RA 11201, which is “to promote, accredit, and regulate the use of indigenous materials and technologies in housing construction,” the agency hopes to collaborate with DTI R2 as the lead agency in developing bamboo as part of the said housing project.

RD Fraginal mentioned that bamboo, as a material, could be used as panels, cabinets, and beams as he highlighted the importance of bamboo as a structural component for the houses that will be built through this project. RD Fraginal is also optimistic that through 4PH, bamboo farmers and stakeholders will be given a strong market with a high demand for bamboo, which will eventually inspire them to plant more bamboo.

Moreover, RD Ocampo expressed her excitement about this convergence and emphasized that this endeavor will provide a good opportunity for bamboo farmers. She also mentioned that this project will spur a more competitive price for bamboo, not only in the region but in the whole country.

RD Ocampo suggested that the bamboo cement technology could be used in DHSUD’s housing project and encouraged DHSUD to source their materials from local manufacturers.

Furthermore, the two agencies will be working hand in hand to make bamboo a sustainable material in the realization of DHSUD’s 4PH project. *

Date of release: 03 February 2023