DTI Regional Operations Group Assistant Secretary Leonila Baluyut discusses MSME digitalization and onboarding initiatives with SOMAGO, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Zhou, together with Atty. Gino Chen, General Manager Jacquelyn Cua, and OTOP Coordinator Sandina David.

MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through One Town One Product Philippines (OTOP PH) program continues to bolster its support towards digitalization for the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with e-commerce and logistics provider SOMAGO.

OTOP PH is a priority stimulus program of the DTI for MSMEs. It aims to drive inclusive local economic development by enabling localities and communities to determine, develop, support, and promote products and services that are deeply rooted from their cultural identity and comparative advantage.

DTI and SOMAGO seek to collaborate in realizing the objectives of OTOP program, promoting local products, and onboarding MSMEs/OTOPreneurs as sellers to their e-retail store. 

Through the SOMAGO online application, the MSMEs will have a bigger platform to market and sell their items nationwide including the hard-to-reach areas. This can also give the consumers a chance to conveniently patronize and buy their items in their convenient time.

This partnership also aims to increase the number of participating MSMEs on this app to provide more opportunities for the local businesses. As of May 2023, there are already over 80 OTOPreneurs actively selling in SOMAGO.

Asec. Baluyut said, “We can strengthen the OTOP’s digitalization by improving the e-marketing and digital campaigns with SOMAGO so that more people will engage in the platform”.

Through OTOP PH program, DTI aims to further intensify its online presence through digital marketing collaboration with SOMAGO. This partnership will potentially impact the OTOP PH’s with SOMAGO’s publicity campaigns and initiatives to help promote the said program via social networking sites.

Furthermore, Mr. Tim Zhou said “SOMAGO can provide more support to increase OTOP PH’s online popularity by leveling-up our marketing collaboration via social media”.

Aligned with DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual’s strategic priorities towards MSME advancement, the collaboration will push further to upgrade, upskill, and upsize the OTOPreneurs to provide a bigger and better way to market and sell their products across the country and the international marketplace. 

Currently, the OTOP PH has around 16,000 Facebook followers and 2,735 on Instagram versus SOMAGO with over 41,000 Facebook followers and 9,500 followers on Instagram respectively.*

Date of release: 02 June 2023