A doghouse, one of the FAME+ pieces spotlighted during Maison & Objet and More (MOM) Digital Days

Philippine brands hailing from the home, fashion, and lifestyle (HFL) sector were spotlighted during Maison & Objet and More (MOM) Digital Days.

MOM Digital Days is an initiative of Maison & Objet that aims to expedite the sourcing process by curating brands and pieces that best embody a current design trend, mood, or movement. It ran different themes for eight weeks starting January of this year. Featured prominently during the week for Trendy Déco were Philippine brands Albero, Indigenous, E. Murio Manila, Nature’s Legacy, Prizmic & Brill, Venzon Lighting & Objects, and Zacarias. These brands are also housed in FAME+, the digital platform by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions’ (CITEM) for the Philippines’ home, fashion, and lifestyle sectors.

The seven brands were selected for their accent furniture and décor that make a world of difference in the space they’re placed in, given the growing clamor for seasonless and transformative design.

For instance, E. Murio’s Iroo doghouse, which is doubling down on its playful design, could be stacked to create a larger piece. Venzon’s Benjamin floor lamp, meanwhile, is inspired by vintage searchlights and features a solihiya weave that also acts as a diffuser for the lamp’s LED strips.

A white mug, one of the novelty FAME+ pieces featured during Maison & Objet and More (MOM) Digital Days

Prior to the Trendy Déco theme, the focus was on personal and novelty pieces under Unexpected Gifts. FAME+ offers over 3,000 pieces from its digital catalogues that match the Digital Days theme, like the Burlesk Yoga Vase by CSM Philippines or the Santo bust with a shock of neon evoking a face mask by Chanalli.

Likewise, there are more FAME+ pieces to look forward to under the remaining themes in the succeeding weeks: new-normal work setup ideas under Well at Work, such as the Élise Divider by Albero; exceptional artistry with an equally exceptional backstory, reflected perfectly by Stonesets International’s Amaryllis Mirror Frame for Craft Métiers d’art; accents one can bring to their comeback to the great outdoors like Cebu Homecraft’s Tugas Petals Fruit Bowls for Outdoor Living; show-stopping Premium Design, like form-and-function perfection in the guise of South Sea Veneer’s Bishop Tall Bookcase; and Sustainable pieces that represent and lead the conversation on sustainability, like those of Nature’s Legacy.

A rattan container, of the FAME+ pieces spotlighted during Maison & Objet and More (MOM) Digital Days

MOM Digital Days concludes with a So French  catalogue, bookending the campaign with pieces representing the capital of distinct chic and the arts, and the home of Maison et Objet.

CITEM, DesignPhilippines expand MOM 2021 promotions package

Elsewhere in the MOM platform, Philippine brands are enlivening the digital sphere with designs that embody the country’s rich tradition of artisanship, craftsmanship, and technique.

To expand the platform on which the story of Philippine design excellence can be told, CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco-Juan shared that individual accounts, namely those of Albero, Indigenous, E.Murio, Finali, Nature’s Legacy, Prizmic & Brill, Venzon Lighting & Objects, Weavemanila, Zacarias, and Zarate in the MOM platform for year-long sourcing will be joined by collective accounts for FAME+ brands.

Under the Kindred Design Collective account are Cebu Handicrafts Consolidated, Celestial Arts, Chanalli, CSM Philippines, Home Edition, La Galuche, Mejore, South Sea Veneer, Stonesets International, JB Woodcraft, HolicowPH, and Prado Filipino Artisans.

Triboa Bay, Vito Selma, A. Garcia, OMO Furniture, Tadeco, and Hacienda Crafts also join their fellow FAME+ exhibitors in the MOM online platform, under the DesignPhilippines account.

The Philippine participation in Maison & Objet and More is curated by Creative Directors Rita Nazareno and Gabriel Lichauco.

Led by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, the Philippine participation in MOM is part of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) agency’s fulfilment of its export promotion mandate, supporting and empowering Philippine designers, brands, and MSMEs as they step on to the global stage. ♦

Date of Release: 29 March 2021