The Department of Trade and Industry – Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) and the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (DA-BAFS) convened to discuss the current status of standards development via Zoom Video Conferencing on 01 February 2021.

The DTI-BPS, as the National Standards Body of the Philippines, is mandated by virtue of RA 7394 to develop, promulgate, and coordinate standardization activities in the Philippines. Meanwhile, DA-BAFS is mandated by RA 8435 to set and implement standards for fresh, primary- and secondary-processed agricultural and fishery products.

Zoom meetings

Noting the seeming overlap of functions, DTI-BPS held a meeting with the DA-BAFS Assistant Director, Ms. Mary Grace Mandigma, and the DA-BAFS Standards Development Division Chief, Ms. Karen Kristine Roscom, to discuss the grey areas in the standardization of products and services where consumer products meet agriculture and fishery products. The two agencies lay the groundwork on the clear delineation of future standardization activities concerning agriculture and fishery products, halal agriculture and fishery primary and postharvest foods, organic agriculture and retailing, non-food agricultural products, and tools, machinery and equipment.

Further collaboration with standards-setting agencies in the DA is anticipated as the DA-BAFS will engage with other DA agencies to work out their possible participation as Recognized Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). Meanwhile, the DTI-BPS deemed it necessary to meet with the Department of Health – Food and Drug Administration (DOH-FDA) to also fine tune the delineation of their respective functions with respect to RA 7394 otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines. SDOs are organizations that possess necessary expertise and have the capacity and resources to develop standards. Such development shall be in accordance with the DTI-BPS Directives for standards development. A scheme for the National Recognition of SDOs was established by DTI-BPS through the issuance of DTI Department Administrative Order No. 19-08, Series of 2019.

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Date of Release: 12 March 2021