MAKATI CITY — For the first time since the global COVID-19 lockdown, a Philippine delegation led by Trade and Industry Secretary Fred Pascual will be conducting a highly-anticipated Europe Investment Roadshow, which will take place from June 18 to July 6, 2023.

Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Board of Investments (BOI), in collaboration with the Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTICs) in Europe, the Roadshow aims to position the Philippines as a viable investment destination for priority markets in Europe such as France, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Strong emphasis will be given to priority sectors such as Manufacturing and Research and Development (R&D), Higher Value Services, and Renewable Energy to showcase how the Philippines can make it happen for European investors.

The Roadshow will be conducted in the following key markets: France on June 18-21, in parallel with the 10th Philippines-France Joint Economic Commission Meeting, United Kingdom on June 21 to 23, Belgium on June 25 to 28, The Netherlands on June 29 to July 1, and Germany on July 3 to 5.

As part of the Roadshow, Investment Fora in Belgium and Germany, as well as roundtable discussions with business communities in France, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands will be conducted to reinvigorate the interest of European investors and to apprise them of the current economic performance, advantages, and opportunities for investments in the Philippines.

The outbound mission will also be a chance to generate fresh investment leads or forward discussion with existing leads, especially those that the Secretary met during the last Presidential Visit in Brussels and Side Mission to The Netherlands in 2022.

Participants and attendees during each leg will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions and information sessions on various investment-related topics presented by Philippine government officials and industry experts. They will be sharing valuable insights into the potential of the priority sectors, shedding light on the favorable business climate, regulatory frameworks, and attractive investment incentives in the Philippines. These sessions aim to assist participants in identifying investment prospects and exploring mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

The Philippine delegation will also provide updates to the European business community on significant legislative developments in the Philippines. These updates include amendments to the Public Service Act (PSA), Foreign Investment Act (FIA), Retail Trade Liberalization Act (RTLA), the passage of the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA), and the Executive Order (EO) on Green Lane for Strategic Investments.

The Europe Investment Roadshow not only reflects the Philippines’ dedication to attracting foreign direct investments but also serves as a dynamic platform for participants to foster strategic partnerships, engage in meaningful dialogue, and explore potential avenues for expanding their businesses.

Interested investors, organizations or companies may obtain more information on the Roadshow from BOI and PTICs in Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin.*

Date of release: 19 June 2023