Ms. Leah N. Prieto (right), and a visitor prepares their harvest for pick-up by the partners of the Walang Sayang Project

DIFFUN, QUIRINO – Another set of local farmers growing watermelons were given light through the Walang Sayang Project after its established partners from Bulacan and the National Capital Region (NCR) bought the 2.5 tons of watermelon harvest of Ms. Leah N. Prieto, benefitting the other nine local farmers from Barangay Ricarte Sur working with her.

The first deal wherein one ton of watermelon was sold on 12 April 2021, following the sale of 1.5 tons on 20 April 2021 providing a total of 2.5 tons.

According to Ms. Prieto, they still have around 20 tons of watermelon set to be harvested in the coming weeks, for this reason, she is still looking for other interested buyers and even resellers.

The Walang Sayang Project with a theme: Livelihood Enhancement and Harmonizing Government Interventions, is an initiative of Regional Director Leah Pulido Ocampo of DTI Region 2 which aims to enhance farmer’s productivity and competitiveness by harmonizing government interventions to address gaps in all value chain.♦

Date of Release: 21 April 2021